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El profesor

The strategy and planning that the professor had been truly wonderful.
The professor had thought of everything, everything!

He was a true strategist.
Digital Marketing Agency

To provide the best SEO services,
you need to plan an ideal strategy like a professor to increase organic website traffic.

SEO services and work on site SEO is not just a simple task that can be implemented easily.

The best SEO services are those that are planned in a long-term strategy.

We at Hadi Digital Marketing Agency

will prepare the best strategy for you


Google and your competitors are not the Spanish government!

Therefore, we will not have special unforeseen events.

With our excellent strategy,

we can predict and plan your website SEO for the next 3-6 months.

SEO Services

List of errors and tasks to be done
Monthly SEO site planning
Creating Website Content
optimizing webpages to improve
actions taken outside of website
Specific SEO services for you

Website SEO Analysis

In SEO analysis services,

we will manually and robotically check your website’s essential pages regarding content and technology.

And then

After reviewing the site’s SEO,

we will send you a list of problems and things that need to be improved, along with problem-solving tips.

SEO Strategy

We all like to have a detailed plan for the next few months of our business.

Along with the strategy, this commitment is also given to you that if you implement the presented strategy accurately, you will witness the improvement and growth of your site traffic.

Content Creation

It is no secret that creating professional content is a significant and inseparable part of SEO.


It has been seen some so-called SEO experts create many dead and useless pages to increase the site’s content.

But our most important commitment to you is that if the content is going to produce, we will ensure that that content is an excellent page with the highest ranking in Google.


In this way, we will bring you the best results and traffic growth with a small number of pages but very professional and practical.

On-Page SEO

In On-Page SEO, we will standardize site pages for search engines.

We will identify and fix the site’s problems.


In On-Page SEO, the focus is on content optimization, website loading speed, website structure, and codes.

The design of the pages should be done in such a way that, while increasing the loading speed of the page, all the necessary facilities are provided to the audience in the simplest possible way.


The important things in internal SEO are

  • Internal links
  • page address structure
  • choosing the right name and attribute for the image (Alt Tags)
  • heading tags
  • keywords
  • site speed
  • etc…

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to the set of factors and factors that are related to the outside of the site environment, which helps to improve the position of the site in the search results.


Off-Page SEO is very important from the point of view of search engines.

The popularity and influence of a site on the web are determined by external SEO.


If external SEO is done naturally, it will have a very good result.

Despite the constant changes in Google’s algorithms, external SEO has always maintained its importance and most experts believe that the correct implementation of this SEO method can have a tremendous impact on improving the site’s ranking.